Practice Areas

Land Use

We have unique experience handling complex environmental and land use matters. Steven Southwell has assisted clients with environmental issues related to wetland, consumptive use, agricultural and storm water permitting as well as permit compliance and environmental cleanup projects. Steven has experience with land use matters ranging from Developments of Regional Impact to rezonings. He regularly works with local governments and agencies to overcome barriers and obstacles to making the productive use of private property.  When adverse decisions are rendered we have the experience to navigate the administrative, judicial and political avenues.

Real Estate

Selling, acquiring, financing, leasing and managing real estate can be complex or relatively simple. Our firm provides a broad range of services every step of the way and tries to simplify what may otherwise appear complex. We have experience structuring acquisitions and assisting with due diligence. We have experience working with and representing a variety of lenders in all matters of financing transactions. 

As attorneys and title insurance agents we are not limited in the range of services we can provide.  We facilitate real estate closing and issue title insurance. We can provide any additional legal services in a cost-effective manner no matter how simple or complex the closing may be. When probate issues arise in the context of a real estate matter we are there to handle those as well without missing a beat.


We provide clients with assistance in structuring organizations to mitigate risk and effectively manage their businesses. We can help you wade through various types of business to find a structure that works for each situation as there is no cookie cutter solution. It's all about finding what works best as opposed to selling a stack of documents.

When the time comes to make changes with who controls and operates your business we can assist with succession planning, estate planning or an outright sale of the business or its assets. 

In the context of getting business done, we assist businesses of all types in evaluating various threats and opportunities that arise, so your business can stay on track with doing what you do best.


When an individual no longer possess the ability to make decisions necessary to manage his or her affairs, a court appointed guardian is often needed. We can help evaluate the alternatives and determine if guardianship is necessary. When emergency situations demand immediate action, our team is responsive. Our firm has particular experience in handling guardianship matters related to Traumatic Brain Injuries.  We have experience dealing with the unique situations that arise in TBI matters particularly when other legal issues and claims related to the injury may be involved. We represent family members and professional guardians in the course of creating and managing guardianships in venues across the state.

Real Estate Closing

As title agents, we handle all matters of real estate closings and refinance transactions as a full service title agent. Whether or not legal issues are involved, we provide closing services for residential, commercial and agricultural transactions. And if legal issues do arise in the course of the closing then we are available to handle those and keep the closing on track. If and when litigation is necessary, we can practically and efficiently manage the prosecution or defense of business related claims.